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Magna Imperio Systems Joins WaterOnline

    Magna Imperio Systems Corporation is pleased to announce its partnership with WaterOnline – the world’s leading source of technical information and thought leadership for the drinking water and wastewater treatment community.  Magna Imperio’s new WaterOnline presence provides access to the internet’s largest community of operator, management,  and engineering professionals involved in the design, operation and maintenance of water infrastructure on the web and worldwide.

    In the coming weeks, Magna Imperio will roll out a series of posts, articles, and other media highlighting the launch of the company’s exciting new Electrochemical Nano Diffusion or END™ desalination process.  END™ systems establish a new benchmark for water recovery and energy savings for brackish water desalination, treatment of high silica waters, and brine recovery applications and are now available to industries and municipalities worldwide.

    Let's solve your water treatment problem together!