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How A Texas-based Company More Than Doubled Employee Numbers During COVID-19

    Quality Control Technician Larince Evans checks a cell hose.

    HOUSTON – July 23, 2020 – In April of 2020, Houston industries were reported to be furloughing as many as 3,500 employees due to COVID-19. With business declining for oil and gas in particular, the US lost over 100,000 positions in this industry. However, innovative businesses in the ‘energy capital’ of the world, have reasons to be confident. A good example is the revolutionary water treatment company Magna Imperio Systems Corps. (MI Systems). Headquartered in the industrial district in West Houston, the company has thrived against the odds. 



    A critical infrastructure doubling in size and efficiency


    By July of 2020, MI Systems hired 96 new employees in 12 short weeks. Rather than slowing down, their production increased from a 25 gallons per minute (GPM) system to a 1,000 GPM system. Additionally, even in the midst of a pandemic, the team was able to provide 40,000 families in Mexico City with clean water services for drinking and handwashing.

    As a producer of high-quality water treatment for the success of municipal, food, energy and chemical operations, MI Systems’ innovative Electrochemical Nano Diffusion (END®) technology is in high demand.

    “People will always need water, but it is even more critical during a pandemic,” said Founder and CEO of MI Systems Grant Page.

    But even as a company with an essential critical infrastructure, what ensured the operational success and growth of a young company in a tumultuous economy and job market? According to Sharie Flores, Vice President of Operations at MI Systems, it was their dedicated team members that made it possible: “What is different about us doing it versus others I think, truly, is that we have an excellent, hard working, intelligent team who is able to pull it off.”



    Fast thinkers and innovators are the solution to COVID-19 


    Before masks were required in the state of Texas, MI Systems employees were wearing them across all company settings. Operations shifted quickly to ensure production could excel while keeping employees safe, even in the face of disinfectant shortages.

    In March, cleaning materials were in drastically low supply, but Vice President of Research and Development at MI Systems Dr. Ethan Demeter knew to electrolyze salt water to form bleach so operations could continue.



    Houston businesses can be confident 


    Texas Professors Vikas Mittal and Shrihari Sridhar wrote in an article for the Houston Chronicle that there is cause for optimism in Houston businesses. With strong back bones and diverse people bringing unique solutions, businesses of Houston are poised to bounce back full force as the curve flattens.

    “We want to remind everyone about the toughness and tenacity of Houston businesses,” said Mittal and Sridhar. “Houston companies should feel cautious, but also confident and optimistic about thriving in the new normal. They have faced similar challenges before — and won.”

    And winners are certainly found in Houston. From companies raising triple the amount of venture capital to chemistry masterminds brewing in-house cleaning materials, industry pioneers of Houston and Magna Imperio Systems are stepping up and doubling their numbers to continue the work of their critical infrastructure.

    “We certainly grew tremendously in the worst conditions. It strengthened our resolve and it’s very clear we can do anything,” said Flores. “Truly anything is possible through these intelligent, dedicated, hard working people.”



    About Magna Imperio Systems

    Magna Imperio Systems Corp. is a Texas-based national and international water treatment solutions company that designs, develops, and manufactures the highest recovery, most energy- and cost-efficient water treatment systems in the world. The core of MI Systems’ water treatment solutions is its patented Electrochemical Nano Diffusion (END®) process, a transformation of the long-established electrodialysis reversal (EDR) process, which has established new benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency and recovery for desalination technology. END® offers up to 60% energy savings versus traditional treatment technologies, with clean water recoveries up to 99+%, capitalizing on the far-reaching impacts of Maximum Recovery, Minimum Energy™.

    This level of recovery extends the life of each drop, and clients are able to minimize waste indirect treatment of water sources or recycle and reuse their wastewater for future processes, thus cutting costs by increasing their available water supply without purchasing additional water.

    Connect with Magna Imperio Systems on Twitter @magnaimperio, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.



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