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MI Systems Begins Seawater Desalination System Installation at Bahamian Resort

    Magna Imperio Systems® Corp. (MI Systems) is installing a seawater desalination system for a popular resort in the Bahamas. The project will improve the water flowrate required to purify seawater into potable water, increasing it from 700,000 to 1.2 million gallons per day—which is equivalent to over eight extra months of purified water per year using the previous system. The completed project will add a third reverse osmosis unit to the customer’s water treatment system integrated with MI Systems’ END® technology.

    Leveraging low-energy reverse osmosis technology combined with END®  is expected to reduce energy consumption and improve water recovery relative to the existing RO systems by about 30%.  The completed project will provide potable water for the resort use, as well as irrigation.

    The upgraded system’s installation and commissioning will only take about one month, in part due to MI Systems’ modular skid assemblies that allow for shorter timelines.

    “This project is a great example of our mission in action,” said MI Systems Chief Operations and Technology Officer Chad Unrau, PhD. “We’re using our solution approach to improve the recovery and efficiency of a traditional seawater desalination process, providing more water at higher efficiencies in an area with limited freshwater resources.”

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