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Drought-Fighting Water Treatment Solutions

    Water shortage and drought conditions are in the news yet again in the Western part of the US this summer. The news articles and broadcasts frequently talk about the impact to homeowners and recreation areas, yet the cost of water shortages has far greater reach.


    Advanced water treatment solutions to combat drought conditions Water restrictions affect a variety of industries, and the businesses that support them, resulting in economic devastation to a wide variety of businesses and individuals. For example, when crops do not produce the expected yield, it’s not just consumers who struggle to find produce or pay higher prices. The farmers do not need as many workers, and they may not purchase new equipment, or repair aging items. Whole communities are impacted.

    As the drought situation continues, the need for new sources of water will introduce additional challenges.

    Typical responses to drought conditions include water restrictions, generating more water, increased funding and legislative changes. Unfortunately, most of these options are long-term solutions, meaning it can take time before access is realized.

    MI Systems can bridge that gap, providing near-term solutions that result in timely improvements. For example, typical reverse osmosis water systems operate at 65-80 percent efficiency, meaning more than 20% of the water is going to waste. The MI Systems WaterTitan Platform leverages our proprietary END Technology, which provides up to 20% more output. This has proven to be an effective solution for many municipalities and industries who want to leverage existing water supplies.

    Similarly, the MI Systems platform and technology solutions are able to unlock groundwater and problem water supplies that are typically cost-prohibitive to treat, such as reverse osmosis reject water and brackish groundwater. The result is increased water for irrigation needs and systems that operate with high recovery and ultra-high efficiency, transforming the value of water that has traditionally been underutilized.

    If you have a challenging water situation or simply need to increase the efficiency and recovery from current operations, get in touch with the MI Systems team and learn about our drought-fighting solutions.

    Let's solve your water treatment problem together!