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MI Systems Commissions And Launches Desalination Plant At Bahamian Resort

    Magna Imperio Systems® Corp. (MI Systems) has completed the installation, commissioning and launch of a new seawater desalination system for a popular vacation resort in the Bahamas. The successful project is improving the water flow rate required to purify seawater into potable water, increasing the flow over 40%, producing up to 1.2 million gallons per day.

    “This is a significant improvement in efficiency and water production for the resort,” said MI Systems Chief Operations and Technology Officer Chad Unrau, PhD. “Our WaterTitanTM platform was able to improve water recovery by 30% by leveraging our END® Technology,” he added.

    The project included adding a third reverse osmosis unit to the resort’s water treatment system, integrated with MI Systems’ WaterTitan platform. The result is potable water available for the resort, as well as desalinated water for irrigation and other uses. The final system utilized modular skid assemblies, which helped reduce installation time.

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