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Magna Imperio Systems® Closes on $45M Funding Facility

    Magna Imperio Systems® (MI Systems) is pleased to announce it has obtained a $45 million funding facility that capitalizes on the value of the company’s patent portfolio of water treatment technologies. The IP valuation, combined with the company’s growth, led to a low cost of capital.

    The funding is unique in the industry, in part because it recognizes the strong position MI Systems has in helping companies meet ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) goals with respect to water treatment, energy consumption, reuse and recovery.

    “We’re excited about this funding because it lets us execute our growth strategy more quickly,” said MI Systems CEO Eric Rosenfeldt. “We have a suite of unique solutions in our WaterTitanTM platform, anchored by our proprietary END® Technology, and this facility will help us expand our offerings in more markets.” 

    “Our patents are already providing value to our customers,” added COO Chad Unrau. “The funding facility is an important recognition of our technologies, and confidence in our capabilities to transform the value of water for our customers, world-wide.”

    The company recently launched several new projects, including a water treatment facility at a Bahamian resort, and a high-efficiency, ultra-high quality water treatment plant for an international bottling plant. 

    The identification number for the listed security is CUSIP 55921QAA0.

    About Magna Imperio Systems®
    Magna Imperio Systems Corp. (MI Systems) is a Texas-based company working to solve the world’s water crisis and transform the value of water through innovative solutions and technology. The company helps customers get the most out of every drop with the highest recovery, most energy-efficient water treatment systems in the world. The core of MI Systems’ water treatment solutions is its WaterTitanTM platform, which leverages the patented END® process. WaterTitan is establishing new benchmarks in energy efficiency and recovery for water treatment technology, offering up to 60% energy savings versus traditional treatment technologies, with clean water recoveries up to  98%, capitalizing on the far-reaching impacts of Maximum Recovery, Minimum Energy™.

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