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MI Systems and Membrion Announce Strategic Partnership

    MI Systems and Membrion® are partnering to provide the next generation of high-recovery desalination of groundwater and waste brines. The two companies will leverage Membrion’s CeramIX® ion exchange membranes with MI Systems’ END® technology.

    Membrion’s CeramIX membranes provide industry-leading high flux, low scaling performance under harsh water treatment conditions, including low pH and high temperatures. When integrated with MI Systems’ END technology – a transformation of traditional electrodialysis reversal – the result is high quality and reliable water treatment with maximum water utilization and efficiency. The tandem effort is a plus for areas with drought impacts, brine minimization needs, or challenging groundwater conditions, particularly in the U.S. West and Southwest.

    Together, the companies will provide customers with a comprehensive solution from plant evaluation through installation and ongoing service. “This partnership enables our customers to further achieve their economic goals while enhancing sustainability,” said MI Systems COO and CTO Chad Unrau. “Membrion has demonstrated success meeting water reuse targets in a cost-effective and energy efficient manner across multiple industries,” he added.

    Membrion’s COO Phil Pickett explained, “We are excited to partner with MI Systems, a company with significant experience and leading technologies in addressing complex water treatment needs. By integrating Membrion’s technology with MI Systems END technology, water recovery can be expanded, saving resources and creating sustainable water conservation programs.”

    While it has been possible to use each company’s technology in the past, the strategic partnership will allow for more efficiencies in designing and deploying water treatment solutions that utilize CeramIX ion exchange membranes and END technology.

    Let's solve your water treatment problem together!