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Meet North America Sales Manager Duane Devall

    Duane Devall North America Sales Manager Duane Devall is the on the leading edge of our customer relationships. In many cases he is the first person our customers meet at MI Systems. Duane is an experienced business development leader who spent more than 20 years in the Oil & Gas industry focused on separation technologies in the refining, chemical, and upstream markets, before joining the MI Systems team.

    What is your favorite thing about working at MI Systems?
    Our people and our mission to recover water for beneficial reuse.

    What do you find the most challenging about your role?
    Navigating the different industries that have various requirements around water treatment and discharge.

    What are you most proud of with MI Systems or your role?
    Our mission to transform the value of water. With the many water scarcity issues that we are faced with now, our technology and our commitment to protecting this valuable asset is what I am most proud of at MIS.

    What are some hobbies or interests that you enjoy when you’re not at work?
    Cycling, hiking and reading

    Where do/would you go for your dream vacation?
    My favorite place is Costa Rica.

    Anything else you’d like to add?
    I have an awesome wife and 4 wonderful dogs.

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