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MI Systems CEO Eric Rosenfeldt on the Hire Learning Podcast

    What kind of talent does it take to solve the world’s water crisis? MI Systems CEO Eric Rosenfeldt recently talked with Hire Learning Podcast host Oz Rashid about seeking alignment between a candidate’s core values and those of the organization to help achieve strategic outcomes.

    In this podcast Rosenfeldt shares strategies for balancing structured and open-ended interview questions to uncover characteristics like humility, confidence, high emotional intelligence and a teachable spirit. He also talks about the two biggest contributing factors to making the wrong hire — rushing through the process and not collaborating with others.

    The pair discuss how the candidate experience should bring substance to the job description and give potential hires a clear understanding of what real life will be like in the role. They also touch on what MI actually does, Eric’s day-to-day life as CEO, and why, as an early investor, he was really investing in the talent.

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