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About MI Systems

Company Overview

Magna Imperio Systems Corp. is a Texas-based, national and international water technology company that designs, develops, manufactures and has commercialized the highest recovery, most energy and cost-efficient, sustainable water treatment system in the world. MI Systems’ patented Electrochemical Nano Diffusion (END®) process is a revolutionization of the long established electrodialysis reversal (EDR) process and has established new benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency and recovery for desalination technology. END® offers up to 60% energy savings versus traditional treatment technologies with clean water recoveries up to 99+%, capitalizing on the far-reaching impacts of Maximum Recovery, Minimum Energy .

MI Systems’ END® technology is modular and scalable, giving it a highly versatile design and key logistical advantage to cater to a wide variety of applications within diverse markets as well as opening up entirely new markets for high-recovery water desalination. MI Systems’ technology can be delivered anytime, anywhere, in any of three designs: 25,000 gallons per day (GPD) delivered on a 4ftx4ft pallet, 150,000 GPD in a 20-foot Conex box, 500,000 GPD in a 40ft Conex box – all of which are stackable to 100,000,000 GPD units to fit any size operation and satisfy all needs worldwide.

Remarkably, MI Systems’ END® water treatment solutions can provide multiple product streams while treating water containing up to 100,000ppm of TDS. For example, one stream can contain less than 500ppm of TDS to meet potable water standards while another stream could be less than 150ppm of TDS and a third stream simultaneously provides water containing as low as 1 ppm of TDS and zero hardness. Furthermore, with the close proximity of many of these operations to the surrounding environment and communities, MI Systems has also implemented real-time monitoring of the health and efficiency of the process to further its long-standing pledge to be a responsible citizen of the world. Our fully containerized systems are superbly suited for remote sites, difficult water sources, emerging communities, mobile or offshore oil and gas applications, shipboard systems, remote military bases, or as emergency response water treatment systems.

These key attributes allow END® units to be unparalleled in a wide variety of water treatment markets including industrial waters, such as chemical plants, aerospace manufacturers, power plants, mining operations; oil and gas operations; agricultural waters such as irrigation, livestock, and stressed aquifers; the food and beverage industry; RO brine management; brackish water desalination; seawater desalination and so many more. MI Systems is well positioned and committed to becoming a global leader in the water sector by reinventing water treatment worldwide with environmentally responsible operations, a dedicated workforce, and extraordinarily high ethical standards. MI Systems is a solutions provider with a large patent portfolio that can solve any water problem, anytime, anywhere.

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Our Mission

Vision: Transform the value of water for the world through innovative technology.

Mission: Set the industry standard for delivering environmentally sustainable water treatment solutions to increase the supply of clean water.

Core Values:

Trusted Quality

Set the gold standard for water quality

Global Purpose

Positively impact water scarcity wherever there is a need

Bold Innovation

Challenge assumptions while developing breakthrough products and services

Unwavering Commitment

Disciplined execution and delivery for customers and employees


A physically and psychologically safe work environment

MI Systems designs, develops, manufactures, and has commercialized its patented Electrochemical Nano Diffusions (END®) water treatment systems targeting Maximum Recovery, Minimum Energy TM consumption. MI Systems capitalizes on the increasing demand for high performance desalination technology as a full solutions provider to alleviating unnecessary pressure to the water-food-energy nexus. The water-food-energy nexus represents the crucial interconnected relationship between water, food, and energy that forms the foundation of every successful community. Increasingly high stress on the water-food-energy nexus due to the demands of exponentially growing populations has drastically deteriorated not only the quantity of water resources available but also the quality of those available resources. MI Systems’ END® water treatment process has evolved into the highest efficiency water treatment solution for endless applications as each system is uniquely designed and manufactured to suit each client’s particular needs. When designing each system, MI Systems puts exceptionally high emphasis on drastically increasing our client’s profit at every step of their operation.

Our END® systems increase the value of every dollar our clients spend on water by extending the life of each drop. With up to 99+% clean water recovery, our clients are able to recycle and reuse their water for future processes, thus cutting their costs by increasing their available water supply without purchasing additional water. Furthermore, we are able to recapture waste and specific chemicals that can be reused by the client or sold to outside buyers and reduce the cost of waste disposal to further the client’s profit margin. As a full solutions provider, MI Systems’ END® fully optimized system incorporates its own self-cleaning routine and equipment; therefore, it requires minimal maintenance and intervention during the entirety of its lifespan. This ensures peak performance and reduces mechanical stress on the system, which leads to longer system life compared to other leading water treatment systems. The elimination of these tasks and maintenance translates into even greater efficiency and cost reduction for each of our clients.

Arguably one of the most important benefits our END® systems offer is our ability to Clean Water. Save Energy. TM by reducing energy requirements by up to 60% and ensuring a greater quality of service compared to similar water treatment processes. All of these attributes magnify every one of our client’s profit margins while simultaneously accomplishing our mission of alleviating needless and avoidable pressures on the water-food-energy nexus. Our END® systems can be retrofitted into or entirely replace existing water treatment systems within any operation or available space to optimize every drop of water used.

Founder's Message

I have dedicated my life to increasing the efficiency of every drop of water used in all sectors of the market with my patented END® water treatment process in order to alleviate unnecessary pressures on businesses and stressed water resources. I understand the significant risk to global economic growth that water scarcity poses worldwide as water demands skyrocket and have invented the END® system to be the solution for all possible sectors of the market as well as entirely new markets and applications for high-recovery water treatment.

I was afforded a first-hand view of the devastating impacts of water scarcity during my education at the United States Naval Academy and subsequent service. Recognizing the critical needs, I founded Magna Imperio Systems Corp. Our Electrochemical Nano Diffusion, or END® technology, is based on groundbreaking electrochemical cell research I conducted before and during my time with the US Navy. Our END® process systems set the new benchmark for energy efficiency and high-recovery which make desalination technology more available and affordable to the most vulnerable people and industries worldwide, from those in the middle of the jungle of desert to the even flowback water in the Oil & Gas Industry.

With the deep talent and tremendous commitment of the entire Magna Imperio team, we have commercialized a full portfolio of END® treatment systems with capacities to meet any amound of water demand needed. Our flexible, modular design allows for rapid deployment in either traditional or fully-integrated, fully-containerized systems for a wide range of municipal and industrial applications around the world.

Magna Imperio Systems Corp. has finally brought to marked a cost-effective desalination technology due to having one of the most incredible engineering teams in the world. In so doing we will achieve our goal of helping to solve one of the world’s most critical issues through innovation and dedication.


Grant Page

Founder, Chairman &  President

Let's solve your water treatment problem together!