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Cooling Tower Makeup/Blowdown

Cooling Tower Applications

MI Systems’ WaterTitan Solutions provides an enhance approach to traditional makeup and blowdown treatment. This includes our END® Technology that removes total dissolved solids (TDS) by transporting the ions through ion exchange membranes, without forcing the water to pass through such a barrier. This method of TDS removal allows the system to run at very low pressure and keeps scaling potential well below reverse osmosis. END Technology is used to remove scale forming minerals from a cooling tower’s open loop.

The system is installed on a side-stream to continuously filter from the tower or collects blowdown for processing and return to makeup. For blow down recovery, END provides a high-impact, fast ROI improvement for large cooling tower management. For make-up, END provides a different set of benefits when used to make-up water to a tower. Scale forming minerals are never introduced to the open loop, transforming the operation of the system.

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