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Environmental | Social | Governance

ESG Outcomes that Transform the Value of Water

ESG is core to the MI Systems mission. We focus on desired customer outcomes throughout the water lifecycle, creating positive, measurable impacts that benefit sustainability, social responsibility, growth and profitability. All while providing high water quality and recovery solutions.

Companies and municipalities turn to MI Systems to develop and deploy financially smart sustainability solutions.

Environmental Stewardship

Water Footprint: The MI Systems WaterTitanTM platform provides an enhanced level of control over the total water footprint. This includes increasing water recovery and quality, and reducing waste/disposal volume

Carbon Footprint: Increases in operational efficiencies lead to reduced energy requirements, providing improved outcomes with a lower overall carbon footprint. By developing and implementing a process and treatment train that is optimized for each use case, MI Systems is able to provide the best possible return on energy use and emissions.

Waste Management: The WaterTitan platform delivers a number of waste management efficiency opportunities, including eliminating contaminants in waste streams and industry-leading recovery that reduces waste and disposal volume. 

Social Responsibility

Water Availability: Higher recovery and the ability to solve complex water access and treatment challenges are the hallmark of MI Systems’ solutions. Regardless of the needs – from ultra pure water for production to seawater desalination in water-starved communities, we have options that are financially smart.

Community Health: Improving groundwater, reducing disposal and increasing water recovery all contribute to improved community health that extends beyond the immediate treatment objectives.

Clean Water/Waste: Businesses and governments share responsibilities in maximizing the benefits of clean water and reducing waste. The WaterTitan treatment and process train options create a unique opportunity to maximize social responsibility benefits while achieving overall water quality objectives.

Growth Through Governance

Expansion: Our WaterTitan platform solutions are scalable, allowing for expansion of overall system capacity, or adding additional technologies to address changing needs. High water recoveries enable production growth without the need to draw on critical water sources.

Profitability: Higher recovery rates and lower waste and disposal costs lead to increased profits.

Continuity: Solutions that are designed and engineered for specific customer needs provide for continuity of service, reduced downtime and accessible maintenance operations.

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