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MI Systems Commissions And Launches Desalination Plant At Bahamian Resort

Magna Imperio Systems® Corp. (MI Systems) has completed the installation, commissioning and launch of a new seawater desalination system for a popular vacation resort in the Bahamas. The successful project is improving the water flow rate required to purify seawater into potable water, increasing the flow over 40%, producing up to 1.2 million gallons per day.

Drought-Fighting Water Treatment Solutions

Water shortage and drought conditions are in the news yet again in the Western part of the US this summer. The news articles and broadcasts frequently talk about the impact to homeowners and recreation areas, yet the cost of water shortages has far greater reach.  Water restrictions affect a variety of industries, and the businesses

Welcoming Finance Director Danielle Ferreira

MI Systems is pleased to announce its new Finance Director, Danielle Ferreira. Mrs. Ferreira brings more than 20 years of accounting and finance experience in the private and public accounting sectors to MI Systems. She has a breadth of experience working with startups and publicly traded companies, including Big Four, Ernst & Young and Schlumberger,

Welcoming VP of Technology, Sunil Mehta

MI Systems is pleased to announce its new VP of Technology, Sunil Mehta. Sunil has more than 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry. Prior to joining MI Systems, Sunil was the Director of Operations for the Suez-Nassau County public-private partnership for water and wastewater systems. That partnership is the largest of its

MI Systems – PERENfra Partnership Unlocks Water Resources

A strategic partnership between Magna Imperio Systems® (MI Systems) and PERENfra is promising to make water available to more communities and industrial users in the drought-stricken US West and elsewhere, by combining leading water treatment technologies and infrastructure expertise.

MI Systems Begins Seawater Desalination System Installation at Bahamian Resort

Magna Imperio Systems® Corp. (MI Systems) is installing a seawater desalination system for a popular resort in the Bahamas. The project will improve the water flowrate required to purify seawater into potable water, increasing it from 700,000 to 1.2 million gallons per day—which is equivalent to over eight extra months of purified water per year using

Welcome VP of Engineering Chien Ly

Please join us in welcoming VP of Engineering Chien Ly to the MI Systems team.

Welcome Senior VP Business Development Nathen Myers

Magna Imperio Systems® welcomes Nathen Myers to the team as Senior VP Business Development.

MI Systems® Selected to Deliver High-Efficiency Water Treatment for International Bottling Plant

Magna Imperio Systems® Corp. (MI Systems) has been selected to provide high-efficiency water treatment for a large international food and beverage company’s bottling plant. The high-tech, innovative solution will provide ultra-high-quality water for a variety of beverage products at a 25% higher plant production rate, which is equivalent to three extra months of production under

Case Study: Top-50 Craft Brewery

A Top-50 U.S. craft brewery used Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration to generate production water for their operation. The RO system was sized for 65% recovery, meaning the volume of waste produced is equal to approximately 54% of the volume of purified water generated for production. Decreasing wastewater volume would simultaneously reduce water supply and sewer

Case Study: Winery Effluent

A Sonoma County wine packaging conglomerate, serving 30 of the 50 top US wineries, is in a region of limited rainfall, where canals and reservoirs transport and store water from northern areas of the state. Seasonal variations, population growth, and high transportation costs continue to pressure water users to develop alternative sources for freshwater including

Case Study: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Discharge permit limitations, governed by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) or other local control boards, are often updated to expand protection for downstream ecosystems and users. As a result, a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Southern California was in violation of their Regional Water Quality Control Board’s recently tightened discharge limits. Chloride

VP Eric Rosenfeldt is Hired as CEO of Magna Imperio Systems Corp. in Wake of Accelerating Company Growth

In alignment with the ongoing growth strategy at Magna Imperio Systems Corp. (MI Systems), a provider of innovative water treatment solutions, the executive team welcomed Eric Rosenfeldt as Chief Executive Officer on December 14, 2020. Before joining the Texas-based company that specializes in up to 99% water recovery, Rosenfeldt gained almost 20 years of experience

How A Texas-based Company More Than Doubled Employee Numbers During COVID-19

Quality Control Technician Larince Evans checks a cell hose. HOUSTON - July 23, 2020 - In April of 2020, Houston industries were reported to be furloughing as many as 3,500 employees due to COVID-19. With business declining for oil and gas in particular, the US lost over 100,000 positions in this industry. However, innovative businesses

How END® Technology Overcomes These 2 Key Desalination Challenges

Seawater and brackish desalination have the potential to supplement dwindling freshwater supplies, but not without its own challenges. In terms of negative desalination externalities, energy consumption and the disposal of concentrated brine are leading concerns for the environmental and fiscal sustainability of the industry. While efficiency improvements and renewable energy can help alleviate these issues

Water solutions provider Magna Imperio Systems is poised to help water-stressed California

Houston, TX – (May 1, 2020) – Magna Imperio Systems Corp. (MI Systems), a leading provider of innovative water treatment solutions, is bringing its cutting-edge technology to California to save cities and businesses money on water treatment. The Texas-based company has opened its first satellite office in Newport Beach, Calif. to better serve municipal water

Magna Imperio Systems Announces Joint Venture in Latin America

Houston, TX (March 12th, 2020) – Magna Imperio Systems Corp. (MI Systems), a Texas-based leading organization in technology and innovative water treatment solutions, will embark on a joint venture with Magna Imperio Systems Corp. Mexico, headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico. By merging with an in-country engineering procurement contractor of over a dozen water plants and

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Magna Imperio Systems CEO and Founder, Grant Page, on C-Suite TV Insights

Grant Page’s C-Suite TV Insights episode: You can learn more about this interview and C-Suite TV Insights here.

Magna Imperio Systems Provides Water Recovery Treatment for California Wineries

        Houston, TX – (February 10th, 2020) – Magna Imperio Systems Corp. (MI Systems), Texas-based providers of technology and innovative water treatment solutions, has announced their newly established partnership with Mayacamas Warehousing, LLC; owner of a water treatment facility that currently provides clean, uncontaminated water to Sonoma-based Free Flow Wines. Free Flow

Magna Imperio Systems, Corp. Demonstrates Groundbreaking Water Treatment Solution at Piru WWTP

Houston, TX – (January 22nd, 2020) – Magna Imperio Systems Corp. (MI Systems), Texas-based providers of technology and innovative water treatment solutions, recently completed a successful two week pilot of their state-of-the-art technology at the Ventura County Waterworks District 16 Piru Wastewater Treatment Plant. The pilot, which began in November 2019, applied MI Systems’ Electrochemical

Magna Imperio Systems Announces Premier Partnership with Trendy U.S. Brewery

HOUSTON, TX, Jan. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Magna Imperio Systems Corp., Texas-based providers of technology and innovative water treatment solutions, has recently partnered with Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Texas’ oldest craft brewery and one of the Top 50 largest craft brewers in the United States. In their efforts to continue to provide clean water at

Magna Imperio Systems CEO & Founder Grant Page is Recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30

HOUSTON, Dec. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Grant Page, CEO & Founder of Magna Imperio Systems, Texas-based providers of technology and innovative water treatment solutions, has been listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the Manufacturing & Industry category. Page’s placement on the 30 Under 30 list recognizes him among the “brashest entrepreneurs” across the United

MI Systems Attends ACE 2019 -“Innovating the Future of Water”

MI Systems had another successful exhibition in Denver last week where we showcased our newest technology. If you missed us at ACE, be sure to check back for upcoming and future conferences where MI Systems plans to exhibit.

The Last Well, Page Family Foundation and MIS Launch Border-to-Border Water Provision Strategy in Nimba County, Liberia

The strategic partnership between The Last Well (TLW), Page Family Foundation (PFF), and Magna Imperio Systems (MIS) will reach nearly a quarter million Liberians with clean water across Nimba County, one of the most populated regions in Liberia. This is the largest strategic partnership of its kind in the ten-year history of The Last Well

MI Systems Achieves NSF Certification

END® Technology is now NSF 61 Certified for all potable water applications. END® Technology removes TDS, arsenic, fluoride and other charged contaminants to meet drinking water standards.

MI Systems Boasts $100 Million Valuation

With new strategic partners and strong funding, MI Systems is rapidly expanding operations in 2019. With top notch sales, Engineering and Manufacturing at MI Systems is poised for fast growth in the water treatment industry. Read more

Magna Imperio Systems Joins WaterOnline

Magna Imperio Systems Corporation is pleased to announce its partnership with WaterOnline - the world's leading source of technical information and thought leadership for the drinking water and wastewater treatment community.  Magna Imperio's new WaterOnline presence provides access to the internet's largest community of operator, management,  and engineering professionals involved in the design, operation and maintenance of

Magna Imperio Launches New Digital Platform

WELCOME TO MAGNA IMPERIO SYSTEMS CORPORATION! On 1 June 2018 Magna Imperio Systems Corporation launched its new online digital presence. The new website, mobile platform, and growing library of media and content signal the next chapter in our company’s rapid growth. We will continue to roll out new content via our website and other online

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