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News & Articles from MI Systems

MI Systems Unveils Overview Video

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out our new overview video, that provides insight into the world’s water crisis and how MI Systems is Transforming the Value of Water:

MI Systems Update: Recently Shipped

MI Systems recently shipped a WaterTitan water treatment process train for the Piru Wastewater Treatment plant in Ventura County, CA. The system will provide water treatment through Ozone disinfection, multimedia filtration (MMF), and MI Systems’ proprietary END Technology. The new installation is at a remote facility, with the potential for remote operations and monitoring. The

MI Systems’ Mavis Wong Presenting at Membrane Technology Conference and Expo

MI Systems R&D Manager Mavis Wong, PhD, PE will be one of several presenters during the Tuesday evening poster session at the 2023 Membrane Technology Conference and Expo in Knoxville, TN this month. The conference, put on by the American Water Works Association, brings together industry leaders to explore how the latest developments in membrane

MI Systems Selects Danielle Ferreira for CFO Position

Magna Imperio Systems® is pleased to announce Danielle Ferreira has been named Chief Financial Officer. Mrs. Ferreira joined MI Systems in June 2022, as the company’s Finance Director, bringing more than 20 years of years of accounting and finance experience in the private and public accounting sectors to the role. She has a breadth of

Meet Supply Chain Specialist Ryland Johnson

Supply Chain Specialist Ryland Johnson has a challenging role at MI Systems. Although supply chains are recovering from pandemic impacts, the job is rarely dull. Ryland comes from an agricultural and oil industry background, and says the most challenging aspect of his work at MI Systems is identifying the specifications of certain equipment. He adds

MI Systems CEO Eric Rosenfeldt on the Hire Learning Podcast

Uncovering EQ, Embracing Surprises and Going Beyond the Job Description What kind of talent does it take to solve the world’s water crisis? MI Systems CEO Eric Rosenfeldt recently talked with Hire Learning Podcast host Oz Rashid about seeking alignment between a candidate’s core values and those of the organization to help achieve strategic outcomes.

Meet North America Sales Manager Duane Devall

North America Sales Manager Duane Devall is the on the leading edge of our customer relationships. In many cases he is the first person our customers meet at MI Systems. Duane is an experienced business development leader who spent more than 20 years in the Oil & Gas industry focused on separation technologies in the

MI Systems and Membrion Announce Strategic Partnership

MI Systems and Membrion® are partnering to provide the next generation of high-recovery desalination of groundwater and waste brines. The two companies will leverage Membrion’s CeramIX® ion exchange membranes with MI Systems’ END® technology. Membrion’s CeramIX membranes provide industry-leading high flux, low scaling performance under harsh water treatment conditions, including low pH and high temperatures.

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