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WaterTitan Technologies

The MI Systems WaterTitan platform draws on leading technologies to provide the best opportunity to transform the value of water in each installation. No two needs are the same, so we utilize a number of technologies, including our proprietary and patented END® technology, paired with delivery scenarios to:

  • Increase water recovery and quality
  • Reduce waste/disposal volume
  • Eliminate contaminants in waste streams
  • Improve social and carbon footprints
  • Unlock new water sources
  • Enhance economic efficiencies

These technologies include:

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END® system transforms performance through novel membrane, electrodes and spacers to deliver maximum recovery minimum energy consumption in numerous industries from food and beverage to oil and gas and numerous applications from ultra pure to zero liquid discharge.


Membrane filtration including microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF). Configurations include submerged and pressurized systems and membrane material of ceramic or polymeric. Typical recovery ranges: 85% – 95%. Uses include pretreatment for high recovery membrane systems or enhanced treatment removal of particulate and microbial contaminants.


High pressure membrane system mainly used for removing dissolved contaminants. Typical recovery ranges: 65% – 85%. Uses include TDS, ions, colloidal silica, DEMIN pretreatment, process water


Ion Exchange provide treatment of select dissolved ions. The system consist of an exchange medium (zeolite/resin) that is exhausted over time requiring refurbishment or replacement. Options include both cation and anion resins. Mainly used in softening, applications with targeted dissolved contaminants, metals, inorganic compounds, arsenic, nitrates.


Granular activated carbon filter generally used post-filtration Options include onsite or offsite regeneration or a service plan around replacement carbon. Usage includes high recovery application to mitigate organic compounds that cause downstream fouling


A strong oxidant used for disinfection and bio fouling control. Ozone is generated on site by an ozone generator. The ozone is dissolved in the water through Ozone contactors. An ozone destructor can be provided if needed to address any contactor off-gas.

Cartridge Filters

A small compact filter that works under pressure. The filter size range can vary from 0.5 microns to 50 microns. Our filters can be designed in a horizontal or vertical configuration. Usage includes pretreatment for a membrane system

Multimedia Filter

A pressure filter with different filter media types above the lower gravel bed. Each layer has a different filtration characteristic based on density and size allowing for more efficient filtration. A MMF is mainly used to reduce suspended solids but can also be designed with activated carbon as one of its filtration levels providing an additional barrier against downstream bio fouling.

Sand Filter

Used to remove particles and microorganisms in the water. Filtration is realized through gravity conditions as the water passes through the filters media depth. Typically designed for source water at 10 NTU or less and operate at a filter rate of 0.1 gpm/sf or less. Depending on the application, sand filtration may be a viable option for membrane pretreatment

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