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Modular Membrane Bioreactor

Modular Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is one of our preferred treatment technologies in the WaterTitan solution where there is a need for enhanced wastewater reuse. The modular approach allows a smaller footprint and lower total cost of ownership compared to alternatives. The system has a wide range of influent treatment qualities in a robust, simple design, with capabilities from <1MGD to >40MGD.


MI Systems partners with M|MBR Systems to integrate the company’s BluBoxTM modular MBR system as a building block in the overall WaterTitan solution. This solution primarily utilizes BIO-CEL® membrane modules, although other membranes may be specified depending on the overall need. The base MBR treatment is capable of flow rates from 50,000 to 500,000 gallons per day and is scalable to include multiple trains.

Membrane Overview


The reinforcing bars at the top seam and shock-absorbing rings make the L-2 Module three times more durable than older products. It is “the most durable BIO-CEL module ever made.” Low flux design ensures reliable operation and the fine bubble diffuser requires no routine maintenance.

High Effluent Quality

The BIO-CEL membrane is a cost-effective and scalable solution for meeting challenging effluent requirements for wastewater treatment. The BIO-CEL MBR membrane serves as an effective physical barrier for the retention of solids and bacteria. It produces a high volume of superior quality effluent at a consistent flow rate and is especially useful for water reuse applications (California Title-22 approved).

Less Cleaning Time

The open-side design of the flat-sheet L-2 BIO-CEL Membrane Modules simplifies maintenance as compared to competing technologies. The patented BIO-CEL MBR membrane laminate combines the advantages of flat sheet and hollow fiber membranes, allowing for backwash capability and increased durability.

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