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WaterTitan Makes Sustainability Financially Smart





Our customized water treatment solutions increase efficiency at every step of the water lifecycle, removing the limits on a limited resource.

It’s sustainability reimagined.

Water is a limited resource throughout the world. From drought-stricken areas in the US West to Caribbean islands to third-world countries, water scarcity is a limiting factor for people, governments, and industries.

MI Systems’ WaterTitan platform removes the limits in accessing, treating, and recovering water, making sustainability financially smart. WaterTitan leverages cutting-edge treatment technologies and industry-leading expertise to improve efficiencies at every stage of the water lifecycle. Whether it’s making groundwater treatment affordable for rural communities in west Texas or significantly improving recovery and meeting enhanced regulatory requirements in California wine country, MI Systems delivers on the promise of making sustainability financially smart.

Companies and organizations turn to MI Systems when traditional water treatment options are not financially feasible or are not operationally viable. We utilize a number of technologies, including our proprietary and patented END® technology, paired with delivery scenarios to:

  • Increase water recovery and quality
  • Reduce waste/disposal volume
  • Eliminate contaminants in waste streams
  • Improve social and carbon footprints
  • Unlock new water sources
  • Enhance economic efficiencies

The Right Efficiency Profile – You Have Options

MI Systems WaterTitan platform lets you find the right balance between efficiency and economics. We work with you to develop a solution that has the right mix of efficiency for water, waste, energy, and economics. Too often the most efficient water recovery system is simply not financially viable. However, by utilizing a variety of water technologies, our WaterTitan solutions are able to create a process train that provides the efficiency profile that is right for your needs.

Water Efficiency
Waste Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Economic Efficiency

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We invite you to learn more about our technologies, delivery, experience, validation and applications. Explore the WaterTitan platform and let’s start the conversation.

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